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Tabs is the most popular JavaScript tool on the web. Tabs, horizontal tabs and accordions, finally done the right way.
Tooltip helps you to build easier user interfaces. Big or small. Pluggable effects. Yet another crucial tool.
Overlay is a significant part of the JavaScript/Web 2.0 landscape. This tool handles them all: commercial overlays, modal dialogs and slideshows.
Scrollable is the most successful tool in this library. Any size and shape. Infinite loops and more.
FORM is a collection of essential form building tools. Validation, range- and date inputs for humans. New wave form development is here.
TOOLBOX is a set of small niceties. Take control of the mousewheel and your browser's back button. Embed Flash and place masks over your document.
jQuery Tools. The ultimate UI library for web
jQuery Tools is a collection of the most important user-interface components for modern websites. Used by large sites all over the world.