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Version 1.1.2. October 05, 2009: Website upgrade, richer events & a couple of fixes

Website upgrade

Take a quick look around our updated website. jQuery Tools now has equal status to Flowplayer. Both are serious projects with active development. The largest upgrade was the intro page of our demo area which is done with the new version of Scrollable. The intro page is also documented so you can have a similar setup on your site too.

Extended event object

This version takes events and callbacks even further than before. Now the supplied event object contains additional information about the event and when the action was initiated by user interaction. For example, when the user clicked on a navigator item of a scrollable. Here is an example:

$("#scroll").scrollable().onSeek(function(event, index) {
// mouse position at the time when the event was fired
var x = event.pageX;
var y = event.pageY;
// whether CTRL, ALT, SHIFT or ESC was being pressed
var alt = event.altKey,
ctrl = event.ctrlKey,
shift = event.shiftMey,
esc = event.metaKey;

// the original triggering element
var element = e.originalTarget || e.srcElement;


You can read more about the event object from the User's Manual.

Full list of changes in this release



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