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Scrollable autoscrolling

The Autoscroll plugin provides an automatic scrolling capability. It advances to the next items in pre-configured intervals. Here is the autoscroll plugin in action:

standalone demo

You can configure the number of items being scrolled and the interval of the scrolls. When navigational elements are mouseovered the automatic scrolling is paused.


Here is the JavaScript setup for the example above:

$("#scroller").scrollable({circular: true}).autoscroll({ autoplay: false });



Here is a full list of available configuration options:

property default description
steps 1 The number of pages being scrolled within a single autoscroll.
interval 1000 The time (in milliseconds) between autoscrolls. If this is the only configuration variable for this plugin you can specify the interval value directly for the plugin. For example: $("#scroller").scrollable().autoscroll(2000);
autoplay true When enabled the scrolling starts automatically upon page load. If this is set to false, the autoscroll can be started by using the play() method (see below).
autopause true If this property is set to true then, when any navigational buttons are mouseovered, the autoscrolling will pause.

JavaScript API

The following methods are added to the main JavaScript API of the scrollable and they are ready to be used after the plugin has been installed.

method return value description/example
play API Begins a playable autoscroll.
pause API Pauses the autoscroll and it will resume when the mouse has moved away from the navigational buttons.
stop API Stops the autoscroll. Autoscroll can only be resumed by calling the play() method.