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The History tool allows you to take control of the browser's back button. This means that when the user clicks on the browser's back or forward buttons your JavaScript functions will notified.

Use the following tabs together with back/forward buttons to see it in action:

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standalone demo


$("a.links_with_history").history(function(event, hash) {


You select a one or more anchor links (A tags) from your page and supply a callback function that is called whenever the browser's back (or forward) button is pressed. The callback is called when the link is clicked and when the browser navigates to any of the locations that are specified in the links' href attribute.

The callback takes two arguments. The first one is the jQuery event object and the second one is the anchor link (also called a hash) where the browser is navigating to.

Tabs initialization

$(function() {
$(".css-tabs:first").tabs(".css-panes:first > div", { history: true });


The history feature of the tabs uses this tool to enable the "back button". The feature is enabled by setting the history configuration variable to true. You can find the above demo here. Here is another demo demonstrating the history feature in scrollable.