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Using mouseover to switch tabs

Here we use the mouseover event to switch between tabs. This event can, for example, be used in the following type of product presentation setups:

Free version Commercial version Multidomain version

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standalone demo

HTML coding

You should notice that the tabs tool is not dependent upon any specific HTML structure. This example uses img tags as tabs and panes have no specific root element:

<div id="products">
<img src="/media/img/global/commerce/free.png"
alt="Free version" />
<img src="/media/img/global/commerce/commercial.png"
alt="Commercial version" />
<img src="/media/img/global/commerce/multidomain.png"
alt="Multidomain version" />
<!-- panes -->
<div class="description" id="free"> .. content .. </div>
<div class="description" id="commercial"> .. content .. </div>
<div class="description" id="multidomain"> .. content .. </div>


The styling is defined with the following CSS file.

JavaScript coding

The configuration is again very simple. We set up things as usual with the event configuration option set to mouseover:

    $("#products").tabs("div.description", {event:'mouseover'});